have you smiled today? :)


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"Hey sexy, nice tits. Whoa, why are you so upset? It’s a compliment. I’m only being nice to you, you stupid bitch."
Male proverb (via parahdocks)

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do u ever sing under ur breath and its rly good so u try singing with ur normal voice and 


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Reblog if you lick or bite your lips, a lot.


and if you automatically did either one of the two, or both, don’t even fucking hesitate

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wish I lived at the beach so I could do this with my friends…
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07.04.10 (by willteeyang)
"And I loved him, Jesus how I loved him. It wasn’t love of course, even I can see now that it was infatuation, but at the time it near enough killed me."
Jane Green, Straight Talking (via simply-quotes)

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my mom once told me that writing your feelings down or drawing them out is very therapeutic and relaxing 


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Hey People!

Debbie :P | 18 :D | May 29th | Single~ Live in Jersey, life is what it is. lol Just do what makes you happy~ I'm always here to talk to anyone, just ask:p Have fun, and don't forget to smile :)


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